6th Gen Intel Skylake-U in 2020: Chuwi AeroBook Plus 4K Laptop Review


The Chuwi AeroBook Plus cuts a lot of corners in order to offer a beautiful 4K display at this price range. Some of them are reasonable like the 1×1 WLAN, soldered RAM, SATA III SSD, and lack of Thunderbolt 3 support. Others, however, are not acceptable. The unreliable keyboard and clickpad make the laptop more difficult to use than it needs to be and the longevity of the hinges is questionable. The quality control of Chuwi products could certainly be better based on our experience with several of their laptops thus far. Still, we acknowledge that our particular unit may be a pre-production system as the AeroBook Plus is still in its crowdfunding phase.

There are a few aspects of the system that deserve praise. The very large clickpad, deep key travel, wide port options, and attractive visual design help the AeroBook Plus stand out from the crowd. Other laptops in its price range like the Asus VivoBook, Dell Inspiron, or HP Pavilion are mostly plastic and thicker in comparison.

If you really want an Ultrabook with a 4K display without breaking the bank, then we recommend older Kaby Lake or Kaby Lake-R laptops from Dell, HP or Lenovo as they offer stronger warranty options and better quality control.

Great looks with a great 4K display. Almost everything else is merely average or in need of fixing such as the jumpy clickpad, weak hinges, or unresponsive keyboard keys.

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