A 4K Laptop For $440: Chuwi LapBook Plus Review

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As slim and sexy as it may appear, performance is just too slow to recommend for anything more than a simple print server or emailing station. Even the simplest of actions like clicking and typing have noticeable delays to make the LapBook Plus a poor choice for multimedia, streaming, or browsing purposes.

To Chuwi’s credit, the keyboard is actually quite good compared to other Ultrabooks and the 4K UHD display is unmatched at this price range. Unfortunately, these respectable qualities are of no practical use since they’ve been dragged down by one the slowest processors you can get on any laptop coming out this year.

A good-looking laptop trapped in Intel Atom purgatory. The very slow processor drags down what could have been a decent inexpensive Ultrabook. Users would be better off with a last generation Core i3 laptop for tangibly faster and more reliable performance.

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