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Your luxury vacation renters are still leaving their comfortable beds to adjust the heat; getting up in the morning to draw the blinds; or waiting for the washer to finish washing a load. What if you could turn your rental into a home automation system that involves the addition of appliances that can be controlled by web? When you are away, you can turn on and off, or adjust devices like television sets, lights, certain appliances, thermostats, cars, smart motorized shades, and medical devices remotely.

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Smart home system run by your phone

Industry Wired

What are some of the devices that contribute to building a smart home?

●           Smart Detectors

You might be leaving your home empty for long periods, and nothing is as unsettling as the sudden jolt of panic when you struggle to remember if you or your vacation home renter turned off the stove. Installing smart detectors is a clever move because it immediately informs you about any smoke or carbon monoxide leakage in your property. This simple step is important to the tenant’s safety.

●           Heating and cooling systems

Smart heating and cooling systems allow you to control the temperature of your home from anywhere in the house. It can also save a lot of energy and prevent high electric bills every month. It is actually one of the most popular and primary forms of smart home installations that are done today.

Smart home lighting

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Smart home lighting

●            Lighting

With smart lighting in place, you will be able to control the lights in your home from your phone or tablet. More importantly, smart lighting can be automated to turn on and off according to a schedule or in conjunction with motion sensors. There are many options on the market today.

●           Security systems

Security has always been a cause of concern for families. Newer, more innovative security systems are being developed to provide your family and your renters with sophisticated protection.


Smart home system


●           Hubs

Hubs are necessary because they are what tie all the different automated systems together. They bring together all the smart devices that are working in your home.

●           Appliances

Did you know that you could get a text from your washer telling you when the washing is done? Yes, that’s a possibility with home automation with smart appliances. Your or your tenant’s fridge can create grocery lists, and coffee pots can be turned on from the bedroom.

●           Energy saving and management

Going green is a smart move for you and the planet. You can contribute a modest amount to the environment and save money in the process by installing energy management systems in your smart home.

California Window Fashions

Motorized blinds in a luxury home

California Window Fashions

●           Window coverings

Smart motorized electric shades open your vacation rental blinds. They can be programmed to wake you up automatically in the morning, and close them shut even when you’re not home. Have them adjust automatically according to time of day or position of the sun for increased energy efficiency.

The time you would have to invest in ensuring that everything works around your vacation rental will be reduced to half, which would mean that your work gets done in practically half the normal time. You’ll have a lot more time to yourself when you’re not coaxing and pleading with your machines to do their job.

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