AirTab 15.6-inch Portable Touchscreen Monitor Review: Sleek, But Too Dim


The best aspects of the AirTab are largely visual. It’s attractive, sleek, minimalist, and well built. The drawbacks, however, are numerous.

Firstly, the screen is way too dim which accentuates glare even when in a well-lit room. This becomes worse if not running on a dedicated AC power adapter as brightness will drop by over half. Secondly, the user will have to provide his or her own AC power adapter as none is included in the box. Thirdly, the protective case doesn’t allow for many standing angles and it only protects one side of the monitor at a time. And lastly, the lack of any USB Type-A ports, HDMI, Mini-DisplayPort, or speakers hinders the versatility of the monitor. If you want to connect to a PS4 or Switch, for example, then be prepared to bring an adapter with you everywhere you go.

Furthermore, our pre-production unit would exhibit touchscreen issues where it would register inputs even if we weren’t touching the screen. We can only hope that these problems will be addressed when the monitor becomes widely available.

With all these disadvantages in mind, the AirTab is at its best in indoor-only conditions for general web browsing, emailing, casual gaming or editing where ambient lighting can be controlled.

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