Amazing Mac calculator Soulver adds QuickSoulver panel


Soulver is my favorite calculator app, because it doesn’t act like a normal calculator. Imagine that you have a piece of paper on which you jot calculations. Then, the paper works out the results for you. Soulver is like that — you type in the sums, and it solves them. You can rework the problems, just like you could on paper, and you can save the whole sheet. And now, in v3.3, there’s a brand-new Spotlight-like QuickSoulver popup panel that lets you perform instant calculations.


soulver iconSoulver solves.
Photo: Aqualia

After using Soulver, the Mac’s built-in Calculator app seems ridiculous. Even with its semi-secret paper roll activated, the concept is absurd. You can’t save documents, you can’t go back and edit a calculation, and it’s just confusing. Imagine that standard Mac text input didn’t allow deleting after you’d finished a paragraph, and you’ll realize how olde-worlde the calculator app is.

solver QuickSoulverSoulver is like a notepad that does math.
Photo: Aqualia

Soulver saves all this with a paper metaphor. It’s kind of a cross between a spreadsheet, and a paper sheet. You can make lists, and it will tot them up. You can due until and currency conversion and use variables. But you can also just type in 2+2 and it’ll give you the answer.

The QuickSoulver panel

New in 3.3.0 is the QuickSoulver panel. This “floats above other windows, so you can use it from anywhere in macOS,” says the developer, and it can be activated with a customizable global hotkey. You can then copy the answer (⌘-C), or save it to a new sheet (⌘-S).

For me, this is perfect. I usually want to do a quick conversion or calculation, and the quick panel makes this easy.

There are lots of other new features in this version, from a random number generator, to time Zoe conversion, and changes to make not easier to quickly create and save new sheets.

Soulver 3 is $29.95, has a free 30-day trial, and requires macOS 10.14.4 or later

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