Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus 2020 Tablet Review: More RAM and QI Standard


Users of the Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus (2020) are greeted by the Fire OS 7.1.4 operating system, which is based on Android 9. The adjustments by the manufacturer are very extensive and cover the whole range of Amazon offerings. So the capabilities of the Fire tablet are used most fully, if you connect your own Amazon account and also use the services, such as music, video, audio books, and eBooks extensively.

The Amazon App Store is available to install apps. At this point, its offerings are not expanded much anymore. However, interested users can find a sufficient amount of instructions on the Internet on how to install the Google Play Store. Since Amazon does not like this, we advise to reset the device in the case that you have to send it in for a warranty repair.

In addition, the Fire tablet supports Amazon Alexa, which can be used via voice control and the hands-free function. The implementation is very good and works mostly without any trouble.

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