Ananta 17.3-inch Touchscreen Portable Monitor Review: Huge Screen, Small Size


We’ve tested a fair number of portable monitors thus far and most of them have been unimpressive. Many would have brightness issues, limited OSD features, limited port options, and even hardware issues like non-functioning SD card readers or unresponsive buttons. Thankfully, this Ananta monitor exhibits none of these problems to be one of the better and more reliable options. It’s surprisingly lightweight considering the screen size and it still manages to integrate desirable features like touchscreen support, multiple port options, full sRGB coverage, and even stereo speakers.

We would like to see 144 Hz options, a brighter backlight, and faster response times in the future to attract a wider gaming audience. The stand is somewhat finicky and the backlight bleeding could also be improved. Repositioning the speakers to face forward instead of backward would almost certainly improve audio quality as well. Otherwise, there’s not much to complain about the core features, ports, and performance of this monitor. 

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