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From Samsung to Huawei, Android smartphones are some of the most popular devices around the world.

But if you own an Android smartphone, you may want to reassess which apps you have installed on your device.

Researchers from White Ops have discovered over 100 dangerous apps that contain ad fraud.

In a blog about its findings, White Ops said: “The White Ops Threat Intelligence team recently identified 100+ malicious apps, with more than 4.6 million downloads, performing ad fraud. All of the apps use a common code package White Ops has dubbed ‘Soraka’.”

The apps were found to contain code that allows them to display annoying adverts on Android smartphones under certain circumstances.



While these apps are no doubt annoying, they’re also capable of hiding, making it tricky to find them.

Speaking to Forbes, John Laycock, a researcher at White Ops, said: “Those hiding behaviours are significant.

“The fraudsters are getting smarter—they know this is now an arms race, they’re trying to slow down analysis with these tactics. We’re seeing these types of behaviours more and more.”

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The apps highlighted in the study include several popular programmes, including Best Fortune Explorer, which has already amassed over 100,000 installs.

Other apps include Cute Kittens Puzzlegame, Noise Detector Tool and Fake Caller – you can find the full list here.

White Ops added: “The White Ops Threat Intelligence team continues to monitor these packages and will identify any emerging packages. We recommend removal of any apps listed.”

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