Aorus 17 YA Gaming Laptop Review: Extreme performance, extreme noise


In our tests, the Aorus 17 YA shows itself as what it is: a gaming laptop for passionate gamers. The hardware is able to bring current games to the Full-HD screen smoothly and without any problems, and the corresponding performance reserves also prepare the notebook for the future. The CPU is able to use its full performance and there are also hardly any limits for the graphics card. Users are able to strongly influence the behavior of the notebook using the fan control in the Control Center, which ensures a high flexibility. In addition, there are excellent maintenance options, a display that is already well-calibrated at delivery, and ample connection equipment.

Thanks to the good cooling, the hardware can use its full performance in the Aorus 17 YA. However, the fan noise turns out to be borderline.

A powerful cooling system enables the first-class performance, but this also leads to the largest complaint about the Aorus 17 YA. While the high power consumption is to be expected in a notebook with this type of equipment, the volume of the fan noise is something else, even for a gaming device. Those who demand the full performance will only be happy wearing headphones and will still annoy any other gamers who might be in the same room. Aside from that, buyers will receive a really high-quality gaming notebook that even offers a mechanical keyboard on top. 

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