Aorus 17G XB Laptop Review: The mechanical keyboard rocks

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Gigabyte is especially proud of the mechanical keyboard. It is no wonder that typing on it is much more pleasant than on conventional keyboards. The switches from Omron have an extremely crisp, clear and well-defined actuation point that leaves the rest of the competition in the dust. All the keys are very well-sized, whether they be the typewriter keys or the function keys or the numeric keys. Another strong point is the very bright and even backlight, which can be customised in accordance with the user’s preferences (colours, modes, etc.).

NB During the course of our review, we never felt the need to connect an external keyboard – this does not happen very often. However, Gigabyte can still make some improvements when it comes to the layout. The layout is more or less compliant with the German standard, but we do not think that combining Delete and Insert as well as Home and Print was a particularly good idea. The fact that mechanical keyboards produce quite a lot of noise when typing should also be mentioned.

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