Apple doesn’t want you defiling Mac Pro’s special glass with a regular cloth


Apple doesn’t want you defiling Mac Pro’s special glass with a regular cloth Don’t even think about it!
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Whether it’s designing its own pizza box or custom, err, sheets of paper, Apple sure likes having its own proprietary version of things it doesn’t deem quite good enough.

The same is true of the new Pro Display XDR with nano-texture glass for the Mac Pro. No, we’re not talking about the screen itself; but rather Apple’s insistence that you clean it using a special Apple-approved cleaning cloth. Because, frankly, what else would be good enough?

In its support document, Apple notes that:

“Use only the dry polishing cloth that comes with your display to wipe dust or smudges off the screen. Don’t add water or use other liquids to clean the nano-texture glass. Never use any other cloths to clean the nano-texture glass. If you lose the included polishing cloth, you can contact Apple to order a replacement polishing cloth.”

It doesn’t reveal exactly how much a replacement polishing cloth costs. Given that the new Mac Pro charges $100 per wheel if you want to add one to your machine, however, I’m guessing it’s not free.

Apple takes Mac Pro’s special glass seriously

Apple’s not being overly precious, though. It acknowledges that any kind of dry microfiber cloth is fine for cleaning the regular Mac Pro screen. But when you’re adding the $1,000 nano-texture coating to the glass (for lower reflectivity) things become a bit different.

Apple doesn’t say what would happen if you use the wrong kind of cloth to clean your screen, but no-one wants to ruin a computer that can cost anywhere up to $53,000. Personally, I’m assuming the punishment for using a non-Apple cloth is to be cast out of Cupertino. And have an eternity crawling on your belly at an Android convention. You know, among the “toxic hellstew” masses.

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