Apple iPad Pro 11 2020 Tablet Review – This is what an update should look like


Navigating the Apple tablet is en even smoother experience compared to the previous model thanks to the 120-Hz display. The touchscreen continues to be a joy to use by virtue of being very responsive and precise. In terms of hardware buttons, there is a volume rocker on the right side in portrait mode and a standby button on the top.

Naturally, FaceID is on board and unlocking the device with a previously stored face is fast and precise. Users will have to either press the standby button or activate the display by touching the touchscreen, just lifting the tablet to activate FaceID will not suffice. When using FaceID, users will have to be cautious not to block the front camera, otherwise FaceID will of course not work. There is no longer a fingerprint sensor on the iPad Pro 2020.

By contrast, the Apple Pencil 2 is still supported and not much has changed since the iPad Pro 11 2018, which means the pen continues to be a great additional tool for creators, although in our opinion, fingers are more practical for normal use.

While the onscreen keyboard is very intuitive, typists would be better served by one of Apple’s external keyboard solutions such as the Keyboard Folio, which works well, although users with higher demands in terms of the typing experience should definitely consider the Magic Keyboard or a bluetooth keyboard.

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