Apple MacBook Air 2020 Core i5 Review – The best MacBook you can get? – No


You can currently read many reports that say the new MacBook Air is the best MacBook you can get right now. After our comprehensive review, we cannot confirm these statements. Yes, the keyboard is now better and the performance is a bit higher, but Apple still (unnecessarily) limits the capabilities with the cooling system. The small chassis fan is just not very efficient, because it cannot prevent a performance drop. It is also really loud under more demanding workloads.

It actually makes sense for Apple to implement a slower processor and keep a distance to the MacBook Pro 13. And this is not a bad thing in general, because the performance is sufficient for basic tasks without a lot of multi-tasking. However, we would have liked to see a completely passively cooled device. A completely silent device would have made it much easier to accept the lower performance figures. Maybe Apple wants to reserve this step for upcoming generations with its own ARM processors (which have been rumored for a long time).

The price is just too high: The processor of the new MacBook Air is just not competitive in a machine for 1500 Euros and the cooling system is too noisy under load. If you still want the new MacBook Air, we recommend you wait for special offers.

The problem is the high price, because you can get much more powerful laptops for 1500 Euros, including Apple’s own MacBook Pro 13. But the Windows competition, like the new Dell XPS 139300 or the Acer Swift 3 do not have to hide and even offer more features like Wi-Fi 6 in addition to higher performance figures.

If you can live with the performance of the MacBook Air and only need it for basic stuff, but require a great chassis, good display, and long battery runtimes, then you will once again get a very good mobile companion with the new MacBook Air.

There is also definitely a lot to like about the new 2020 MacBook Air, and the product name alone will attract many customers. The performance is currently completely sufficient for basic stuff, display and chassis are still very good, the keyboard was finally improved and the reliability issues are hopefully a thing of the past. If it has to be the new MacBook Air, we would recommend to wait for special offers or discounts, which will definitely be available.

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