Apple’s 6.7-inch 2020 iPhone will use sensor-shift image stabilisation tech: Kuo

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Apple is rumoured to bring some major camera upgrades with its 2020 iPhone lineup, and one of them might be sensor-shift image stabilisation. As per noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the aforementioned technology will make its way to the top-end 6.7-inch iPhone in 2020.

Apple will then bring this technology to more iPhone models in 2021, while periscope cameras are set to start appearing on iPhones much later in 2022. Details about the sensor-shift image stabilisation technology are scarce right now, but it will reportedly bring optical image stabilisation to the ultra-wide-angle camera as well.

The sensor-shift tech will apply stabilisation to the sensor itself, and not the lens array. As for its benefits, sensor-shift image stabilisation will also help users capture better photos with attachable lens accessories, aside from letting them click blur-free wide-angle photos.

Source: MacRumors

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