Apple’s enters… the space game!? We discuss, this week, on The CultCast

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CultCast 420 Space—the final frontier! And Apple’s next destination?
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This week on The CultCast: Apple is entering the space game with their own fleet of satellites… but why? We discuss. Plus, we wrap up 2019 with our final picks for Best of the Year!

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#420 – Apple enters the Space game!

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This week’s stories

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This week’s stories

Apple exploring satellite network to beam data directly to iPhones

  • Apple is building a larger research group to investigate ways to transmit data directly to iPhones and other devices, Bloomberg reported Friday.
  • According to the report, Apple CEO Tim Cook has reportedly made the project a company priority.
  • Apple is said to be hiring software, hardware, and aerospace engineers to find new methods of data transfer for the iPhone and other products. The goal is to reduce the dependence on traditional wireless carriers.

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