ARM-based Macs coming next year, USB4 in 2022

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Photo: Apple

Apple will launch multiple Macs, including both MacBooks and iMacs, with its own eagerly anticipated custom ARM-based processors in 2021, respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo writes in his latest note to clients and obtained by Cult of Mac.

The research note, published late Thursday, says that the switch to ARM-based processors will have several advantages for Apple. It will further differentiate its products from Windows PCs, reduce processor costs by 40-60%, and free Apple from following Intel’s product roadmap with any of the delays that might entail.

Kuo writes that he estimates the ARM-based Macs could help grow Mac shipments per year significantly. He suggests they could increase from the current 20 million units per year to 25-30 million.

ARM-based Macs plus USB 4

In the same report, Kuo claims that ASMedia Technology will become the exclusive supplier of USB controllers for the new Macs. He adds that this company will receive a boost from Apple adopting USB4 in 2022.

The USB4 standard is based on the Thunderbolt 3 standard that’s already implemented in most Macs. It means a shared standard so that other non-Apple computer users can finally benefit from the faster connection speeds Apple devices have enjoyed for years. While USB 3.2 maxes out at 20Gbps, USB4 doubles that to 40Gbps.

There’s an advantage for Apple users as well, though. When the standard is available on more computers, this should mean more accessories at cheaper prices.

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