Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 GX550LXS in Review: Unique Gaming Laptop with Lots of Performance Below the Hood

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The main attraction of the System is the Asus Screenpad Plus – a secondary display with a touchscreen. It supports active pens. The Screenpad (14.1 inches) comes with a matte layer and a native resolution of 3840×1100 pixels. It acts like any other external display. A dedicated key switches it on and off.

In essence, Asus has improved upon Apple’s Touchbar concept. This makes it possible to move applications or their control/navigation/input elements to the touchscreen. Support for the latter option depends on the application itself. As an example, chat windows can be moved to the Screenpad while a game runs on the main screen.

Asus has installed a few small applications that provide a look into the potential of the Screenpad. For example, it can be used for displaying a calculator or as a field for handwritten inputs. The Quick Key application displays a few frequently used operations (cut, copy, paste).

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