Asus TUF A17 FA706IU Ryzen 7 Laptop Review: Core i9 Performance for $1100 USD

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The TUF series is supposed to be Asus’ budget family of gaming laptops in contrast to the higher-end ROG series. This latest model, however, brings it much closer to its costlier siblings than we had expected in terms of features and performance. The fact that you can get a 120 Hz display with fast refresh rates, both adaptive sync and Optimus, long battery life, easily accessible storage options, a rigid metal outer lid, and even Core i9-like performance all out of a $1100 USD gaming laptop is pretty remarkable. It was only just a couple of years ago that some of these features were exclusive to expensive Zephyrus laptops or other ultra-thins.

Of course, some corners had to be cut, but most are auxiliary or superficial. Gamers who want per-key RGB lighting, Wi-Fi 6, 144+ Hz refresh rates, even faster black-white response times, more powerful speakers, wider sRGB coverage, Thunderbolt 3, and a non-plastic base will have to spend more and look beyond the affordable TUF series. The core gaming experience is the best it’s ever been for the TUF series so long as you can handle the loud fans and unreasonably small arrow keys.

The TUF FA706 is such a huge gen-to-gen upgrade that it makes the previous TUF FX705 series look like child’s play. This is easily one of the better budget gaming laptops you can buy right now with both CPU performance rivaling most Core i9 laptops and a stronger chassis design than most other plastic gaming laptops.

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