Asus VivoBook Flip 14 TM420IA Ryzen 7 Convertible Review: Core i7 Need Not Apply

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The AMD-powered 2020 VivoBook Flip couldn’t have launched at a better time. Intel’s 10th gen Ice Lake and Comet Lake-U platforms have already grown stale against the Zen 2 series in terms of raw performance and the generally lower starting prices of AMD laptops make Core i7 alternatives even less attractive at the moment. Intel is set to regain some lost momentum later this year when Tiger Lake becomes available, but AMD laptops like the our VivoBook will have free reign until then.

As for the laptop itself, users won’t be sacrificing performance at all despite the affordable price point. Instead, the hardware will lack a few luxurious features like Thunderbolt 3, USB-C charging, Wi-Fi 6, and an IR camera. It’s biggest cut corner is to the display and its narrow gamut which pales in comparison to the ZenBook series. Otherwise, this is a fast and well-built budget laptop fit for students, home multimedia use, and the occasional travel.

An inexpensive convertible that can perform faster than most others in its size category costing hundreds more. It’s above average on almost all fronts save for the mediocre display.

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