Automated Home 2.0 – #12 Loxone Will Power Our New Smart Home!

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We’ve covered Loxone smart home products since 2011 and I’ve always looked at the system with an envious eye. So I’m really delighted to announce that we will be fitting a comprehensive Loxone system in the new Automated Home 2.0!

It probably won’t come as much of a surprise that we’ve chosen Loxone if you’ve been following along with our recent trip to Austria and our stay in theShow Home 🙂

That experience was incredibly useful and my better half, who has zero interest in tech, saw all the advantages of a proper smart home system. She’s genuinely as excited as me now to be installing Loxone in the new house.

Why Loxone

The 2 decades that we lived in our last house certainly cemented my opinion on Home Automation technology, as I tried out a multitude of different smart home systems over the years.

The Loxone MiniserverThe Loxone Miniserver

While some products were genuinely useful (here are the ones we took with us), many others brought frustration and disappointment. How can tech that’s designed to simplify our lives and save time, so often do the exact opposite? Hardware failures, incompatibilities, short battery life along with all the general tinkering required to keep things working, often conspired to make it difficult to live with.

This time we want something more professional, reliable and unobtrusive. And also something that has much more genuine automation built-in, rather than just being a remote control.

Most smart home setups fall foul of integration problems. And remember, even choosing a relatively open ‘standard’ doesn’t guarantee compatibility.

So over the years I’ve come to see the proprietary nature of Loxone to be one of its greatest strengths. These are products that are guaranteed to work together, hassle free.

Loxone Pure Touch Switch


During the planning stages of our project we have worked closely with Loxone Partner, Scott McMurray from Epitome Living. I’ll talk more about Scott and Epitome in a future post, but for now I can say it’s been wonderful to be able to bounce ideas off him and take advantage of all his brilliant Loxone expertise.

Next Time

So there we are, exciting times ahead. There will be plenty of detailed Loxone posts coming your way in the weeks ahead as we finalise the plans for the system and work through the first and second fixes. For now though follow us on Instagram to make sure you don’t miss anything.

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