Bored at home? Pass the time with these free games, movies, and audiobooks

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With everything that has been going around the world in recent weeks, we all need an outlet. Thankfully, there are dozens of free resources that provide a distraction from the chaos.

We’ve rounded up all the games, movies, audiobooks, e-books, fitness services, and learning resources that are free right now. Whether you’re looking to unwind with an audiobook or shoot some zombies in an online first-person shooter, you’ll find something of interest in the list below.

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All the games that are free right now

  • Monument Valley 2: One of the best mobile games is free right now. Monument Valley 2 features gorgeous visuals, intricate puzzles, and a soothing soundtrack. The puzzle game usually costs $5, so grab it for free right now. Monument Valley 2 on the Play Store.
  • Mini Metro: What’s it like to build a subway system from scratch? That’s what you’re tasked with in Mini Metro. There are 20 real-world cities to choose from, and plenty of game modes to test your skills. I’ve wasted hundreds of hours on this game, and it was worth it. Mini Metro on the Play Store, Mini Metro on the App Store
  • Child of Light: Ubisoft knew what it was doing when it launched Child of Light. The platformer has gorgeous visuals and a captivating storyline, and if you didn’t buy it when it debuted back in 2014, now is the time to get your hands on the game for free. The promo runs out on March 28, so act fast. Child of Light at Ubisoft.
  • GOAT OF DUTY: GOAT OF DUTY is a first-person shooter like Call of Duty, but with goats armed to the teeth (err, horns) instead. It has online multiplayer — ideal to play with your friends — and is just the perfect game to take your mind off things. The game usually costs $10, but add it on Steam before March 31 and it is yours to keep. GOAT OF DUTY on Steam.
  • Drawful 2: Drawful 2 is a great party game. You draw something, and everyone guesses what that is. It is good for a lot of laughs, and if you add it to your Steam account before April 11, it is yours forever. Drawful 2 on Steam.
  • Between Two Castles: This is a fun recreation of a board game that sees two players working together to build castles. It’s free on Steam until March 30. Between Two Castles on Steam.
  • World War Z: World War Z is a four-player co-op third-person shooter where you have to battle hordes of zombies. There are lots of guns, a lot of gore, and a PvP mode as well. The game is free until April 2. World War Z on Epic Games Store.
  • Figment: Figment takes you into your surreal universe filled with music, humor, and gorgeous artwork. The action-adventure puzzler has plenty to offer, and is a great way to pass the time for a few hours. It is also free until April 2. Figment on Epic Games Store.
  • Tormentor x Punisher: Need a fast-paced game with endless hordes of enemies? This game is ideal for you. Add it to your account before April 2. Tormentor x Punisher on Epic Games Store
  • Treasure Adventure Game: Treasure Adventure Game is a 2D platformer that evokes memories of 8-bit games. There is a decent learning curve, but once you get the hang of things it is a wonderful game. GOG has a decent list of games on sale, so be sure to take a look at the full list. Treasure Adventure Game on GOG, GOG’s list of free games.
  • has a host of games on sale right now, and there are a few standouts like Elliot Quest. If you’re in the mood to try out a few indie games, take a look at the full list here: game giveaway.

Unwind with these free audiobooks and albums

  • The Lord of the Rings: The only LOTR audiobook that you should listen to is the one narrated by Phil Dragash. It is the unabridged version that also includes sound effects and original score from the movies, and is a fantastic listen. As it is technically a fan-made creation, you can download the audiobook for free. The Lord of the Rings audiobook.
  • Audible Stories: Audible is offering over 300 audiobooks for free during the coronavirus crisis, with a great selection of titles aimed at children. If you’re working from home and need to entertain your kids, this is an invaluable resource. Free audiobooks on Audible Stories.
  • LibriVox: LibriVox has a huge catalog of over 24,000 audiobooks sourced from the public domain. The public domain texts are read by volunteers from around the globe, and you can access them for free on your phone, tablet, or the web. There are a few gems, including classic sci-fi, classic literature from Charles Dickens to Herman Melville, and much more. Free audiobooks on LibriVox.
  • Nine Inch Nails Ghosts V – VI: Nine Inch Nails has released two albums and made them free to download. The albums are a continuation of the 2008 Ghosts instrumental series, and feature a lot of atmospheric and haunting sounds. Perfect for the times, then. Nine Inch Nails Ghosts V and Ghosts VI.

Explore your interest with these free books

  • International Children’s Digital Library: ICDL has a wealth of resources for kids, and the best part is that you can sort books based on your kid’s age. With a vast catalog of titles from all over the world, it is a great way to entertain your children. Children’s books at International Children’s Digital Library.
  • Project Gutenberg: Looking for some classic literature to pass the time? There isn’t a better resource than Project Gutenberg. The site has over 60,000 ebooks in EPUB and Kindle formats, and there’s a search feature to sort books by genre, author, language, and more. Classic literature at Project Gutenberg.
  • JSTOR: If you’re looking for academic journals, then JSTOR is a great resource. The site’s open access content includes a vast selection of journals and books from leading universities. Academic journals at JSTOR.
  • ComiXology Unlimited 90-day trial: Amazon-owned ComiXology is offering a 90-day trial to its Unlimited subscription, giving you access to thousands of comics from DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, and others for free. You can download the comics on any device, including your phone, tablet, or the web. ComiXology Unlimited 90-day trial.
  • Scribd 30-day trial: Scribd is the world’s largest digital library, featuring millions of ebooks, best-selling audiobooks, and much more. The 30-day trial is ideal to see what the service is all about. Scribd 30-day trial.
  • Adrian Tchaikovsky’s short stories: Adrian Tchaikovsky is one of my favorite authors, and if you haven’t read Children of Time, you should fix that right now. The author is making a collection of short stories freely available, and they’re well worth a read. Adrian Tchaikovsky’s short stories collection in PDF, MOBI, and EPUB.

If you need additional reading material, take a look at this list by Aditya Bidikar to find novellas by noted authors and dozens of free comics.

Pass the time with free movies and documentaries

  • Sling TV Blue: Sling is making its Blue service free until April 5, offering 45 live channels, 50,000 on-demand movies and TV shows, and free cloud DVR. Sling Blue gives you access to CNN, FOX News, HLN, MSNBC, Bloomberg TV, Cheddar News, Newsy and Local Now. Get Sling Blue free until April 5.
  • Shudder: Shudder is a streaming service dedicated to horror, thriller, and suspense movies and TV shows. The service is rolling out free access for 30 days with code SHUTIN. Get Shudder free for 30 days with SHUTIN.
  • Pluto: Pluto is one of the best ways to access free TV channels on all of your devices. It has over 250 free channels and thousands of movies, and the best part is that it is free. Free TV at Pluto.
  • Documentary Heaven: Documentary Heaven is a wonderful resource for documentaries of a wide variety of subjects. With hundreds of free documentaries to choose from, there’s enough content here to keep you busy for several days. Free documentaries at Documentary Heaven.

Your favorite sports content is now free

  • NFL Game Pass: With the NFL season shut down, the league is making NFL Game Pass freely available, giving fans the ability to relive the best moments from past seasons. Game Pass includes access to all games and NFL Films. Game Pass is free until May 31. Get NFL Game Pass for free.
  • NBA League Pass: NBA is also making its League Pass free, with fans able to stream games from the 2019-20 season as well as classic games on-demand. League Pass is free until April 22. Get NBA League Pass for free.
  • WWE Network 30-day free trial: WrestleMania 36 kicks off on April 4, and you’ll want to tune in to all the action. WWE has a 30-day trial for its streaming service, and now is the ideal time to get in on the action. You’ll not only get access to WrestleMania 36, but can also stream all old wrestling events. WWE Network 30-day trial.

That’s a short list of all the free resources currently available. I’ll continue to update the post with more content daily, but if I missed anything, let me know in the comments below.

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