C-Force CF011S C-SMART Portable Monitor Review: Great for Home or Flights


C-Force advertises the CF011S as a portable monitor for presentation, multitasking, gaming, photo editing, working out, and life style environments. Based on our time with the test unit, however, the monitor is best fit for indoor web browsing, multitasking, video playback, and casual gaming or editing. Response times are too slow for intense gaming, colors are not accurate enough for professional photo editing, and brightness is too dim for presentations or most outdoor conditions. This is the type of display you would find on an inexpensive HP Pavilion 15 or Dell Inspiron 15 rather than a high-end HP Spectre, Dell XPS, or Apple MacBook.

Versatility is the key benefit of owning the CF011S. It carries more port options than most other portable monitors and it is one of the few in its category with a matte touchscreen panel. Even so, the mediocre display quality and average brightness are hard to overlook.

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