Camera comparison OnePlus 8 Pro vs. 7T Pro: Test results completely different than expected

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The photo quality of the OnePlus 8 Pro is surprisingly good when using the 3x zoom range. The dynamics in the photos are well hit, and the sharpness is also noticeably better compared to the 7T Pro. Overall, the 2020 model from OnePlus takes better pictures without the problems that the 7T Pro reveals in every test photo (photo 1: exposure, photo 2: focusing, photo 3: color cast) with the tele lens.

A look outside the center of the picture reveals visible weaknesses in sharpness in the current OnePlus model with the ultra wide-angle camera. However, the colors are better hit with the 48 MP cam of the OnePlus 8 Pro, and the contrasts appeal to us more than the 7T Pro. In low light, the newer Sony sensor shows better light sensitivity in the pictures thanks to pixel binning technology. With increasing darkness, the wide-angle shots with the 7T Pro become visibly darker and less clear than with the 2020 flagship.

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