Check Out This Cool Budget Wall Controller Setup using Home Assistant

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Reddit user loonysup posted this cool smart home control panel

Been working on this for a while now. It’s utilizing home assistant on the backend. I used sweethome3d to create the floorplan and Inkscape to add the automation layer. This is mainly used for a “house at a glance” view by the doors where the alarm panels used to be.

Edit: I should have mentioned this is an Amazon FireHD8 running fully kiosk browser. I’m using an add on to home assistant called HA-floorplan which is basically a web page so it runs great on the tablet. Every light source is clickable on the tablet to turn it off and on.

The results are really cool as you can see from the animation below.

My home automation control panel from homeautomation

home assistant  :  sweethome3d  :  Amazon FireHD8

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