Chuwi AeroBook Pro Laptop Review: Core m3 is Showing its Age


Going from the AeroBook to the AeroBook Pro should mean upgrades across the board. Unfortunately, the AeroBook Pro is essentially the same despite the processor swap and the display changes are actually a downgrade. System performance remains incredibly slow to the point where even light multi-tasking will feel like a slog.

If you’re looking for a cheap Ultrabook to get you by, then you would be better off skipping the AeroBook Pro and investing in an older generation Core U-series laptop like the Dell XPS 13, HP Spectre 13, or Asus ZenBook 13. Even a Core i3 2016-era configuration will both outlast and outperform the AeroBook Pro without costing all that much more.

The AeroBook Pro has a great display, great chassis design, and a great keyboard especially for the price. The very slow Core m3 processor drags down what could have otherwise been a decent budget deal.

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