Dell Latitude 7410 Laptop Review: The Lenovo X1 Carbon Has Met Its Match


The Latitude 7410 is a solid no-frills business clamshell. Its chassis and hinges feel stronger than what Lenovo and HP have to offer in this size category for a better first impression. We can see this system lasting for years in a business environment with ease.

The main drawback to the system is that it might be a little too vanilla for the price and weight. As a business laptop, it could certainly use some more auxiliary features to better cater to its audience. The Lenovo X1 Carbon and HP EliteBook series, for example, come with TrackPoint or dedicated keys for video conferencing and both are noticeably lighter than the Dell as well. If you want the Latitude 7410, then you’ll be trading away a few features for a heavier and stronger chassis.

CPU and graphics are also a bit underwhelming which limit the system to mostly light office loads. Performance-per-dollar is not a strong point especially when last year’s Core i7-8665U can run just as fast as the Core i7-10610U. Alternatives like the new Lenovo ThinkBook 14 are offering Ryzen 4000U options for more power-hungry business users.

If you don’t mind the slightly thicker and heavier profile, then the sturdy Dell Latitude 7410 will be a reliable, no-frills business companion that’s built to last.

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