Disney+ hit 26.5 million subscribers by end of 2019

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Disney-Plus Disney+ is a massive hit.
Photo: Disney

The Walt Disney Company just unleashed its first quarterly earnings report for 2020 revealing that its Disney+ streaming service is off to an impressive start.

Paid subscribers for Disney+ more than double in the month of December, hitting 26.5 million users by the end of 2019. CEO Bob Iger says the service has continued growing since then.

The growth of Disney+ since its launch in mid-November 2019 has been meteoric. Netflix, which is has been building its subscriber base for years, reported 67.66 million subscribers in the U.S. and Canada at the end of 2019. Apple hasn’t released subscriber numbers for Apple TV+ yet.

Disney+’s subscriber numbers came in well above industry analysts’ expectations of around 20 million. The average monthly revenue per paid subscriber on Disney+ was $5.56.

The ESPN+ subscriber base rose also from 1.4 to 6.6 million in one year, each contributing $4.44 per month in revenue. The company reported a 29% increase year-to-year in paid members to Hulu from 21.1 to 27.2, and an 88% jump from 1.7 to 3.2 million for its Hulu with Live TV service. All three services are available as streaming apps through Apple TV and iOS products.

Hulu is owned by a joint venture of Disney and Comcast. Disney now has a 67% ownership of Hulu, which it gained, in part, through its $71 billion acquisition of 21st Century Fox in 2019. Comcast has a 33% stake in Hulu.

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