Durabook S15ABG2 Rugged Laptop Review


We stress the system with synthetic loads to identify for any potential throttling or stability issues. When running Prime95, the CPU would spike up to 3.2 GHz for a few seconds until hitting a core temperature of 82 C. Thereafter, clock rates would drop to a constant 2.5 GHz and 72 C for a few minutes. Eventually, however, clock rates will drop even further to 1.6 GHz with short-lived spikes to 3.3 GHz as shown by our screenshot below. The sudden spikes in clock rate correlate with the short spikes in power consumption that we recorded in the next section below.

Running both Prime95 and FurMark will throttle the CPU down to 1.3 GHz and a core temperature of 81 C.

Performance will drop if running on battery power even when set to the High Performance profile. A 3DMark 11 test on batteries returns Physics and Graphics scores of 1616 and 1557 points, respectively, compared to 6358 and 1754 points when on mains.

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