Facebook promises new Portal devices this fall

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Facebook’s Portal division will introduce multiple new devices this fall, Facebook VP of AR/VR Andrew Bosworth said at the Code conference in Phoenix, Arizona. CNBC first reported the news and a company spokesperson that VentureBeat followed up with declined to provide more details.

Portal and Portal+ devices for Facebook Messenger video calls and conversations with Amazon AI assistant Alexa made their debut in October 2018 with 15- and 10-inch screens. Alongside the devices, Facebook created the Portal unit as part of its AR/VR division to make devices for the home.

Facebook’s screen-with-voice-assistant offering competes with similar devices like Amazon’s Echo Show 5 and Echo Show and Google’s Nest Hub and Hub Max.

Facebook will bring WhatsApp video calls to existing Portal video call devices later this year, and begin sales in European countries this fall, the Portal team announced in April at the F8 developer conference.

Report of a new Portal device that streams videos, makes video calls, and works with televisions  emerged in October 2018. Facebook employees in Seattle are reportedly developing a voice assistant, sources told CNBC this spring.

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