Former Essential designer shows off devices that never made it

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The PH-1 is Essential’s one and only phone that was ever commercially available. Former Google executive Andy Rubin showed off some concepts before deciding to kill the Essential initiative, but Kevin Hoffman published what could have been the PH-2 and PH-3.

Kevin Hoffman is a former Essential employee who says he was the lead designer for these two devices. The PH-2 (picture above and below) would have followed the design principles of the PH-1, with the magnetic contacts next to the dual-camera setup.

A back-mounted fingerprint scanner can also be spotted, as well as some rounded edges and the same notch. Hoffman said the PH-2 would have been IP68-rated, unlike the predecessor.

The PH-3, on the other hand (image below) would have taken the amount of cameras on the back to three, but Hoffman says, according to Engadget, that lower-quality materials would have been required in order to keep the overall costs down.

Source: Kevin Hoffman (locked)
Via: Engadget

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