Fresh public and developer iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 betas out today

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iPadOS gets a new home screen design. Your iPad Pro could look like this if you’re running iPadOS 13.
Photo: Apple

There’s a cornucopia of Apple betas out today. For starters, the public can download their second pre-release versions of iOS 13 and iPadOS 13.

And, in a curious move, developers just got tweaked versions of the betas introduced last week.

iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 public betas

It’s been just under two weeks since anyone with an iPhone or iPad in the Apple Public Beta Software Program was able to try out the operating system upgrades coming this fall. That’s generally how long people have to wait for fresh versions, so it’s no surprise that iOS 13 Public beta 2 and iPadOS 13 Public beta 2 are out today.

All it takes is signing up for the program and a willingness to run buggy, crash-prone software. It’s not recommended.

It’s beta 3 all over again

Apple typically makes developers wait two weeks for new beta versions as well, but it threw something of a curve today. The company just re-released iOS 13 and iPad OS Developer beta 3, first seen last week. Sort of.

Today’s version is build 17A5522g, which is apparently only slightly different from build 17A5522f introduced a few days ago. It’s not yet known what tweaks it contains.

The public beta software program is available free, but getting early access to the developers betas requires paying a $100 annual fee. And a tolerance for crash-happy software, of course.

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