Gears Tactics dev Splash Damage is making a Google Stadia exclusive

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Google Stadia has had a rough launch, but that isn’t because the cloud-gaming technology doesn’t work. Instead, the service is suffering from a lack of exciting content. Now, Google is working to address that concern by partnering on an exclusive Stadia game with British developer Splash Damage. Google made this announcement today as part of its Games Developer Summit event.

Splash Damage is a respected studio with a long history of working on multiplayer shooters. It has also produced many of its own original releases like 2011’s Brink and 2014’s Dirty Bomb. Most recently, Splash Damage has worked with Microsoft to develop the Gears Tactics strategy game as well as the multiplayer mode for Gear 5.

Now, the studio is bringing that expertise to Stadia.

“We’re thrilled to finally announce that we’re working on an exclusive title in partnership with Google Stadia,” Splash Damage chief executive officer Richard Jolly writes in a blog post. “At Splash Damage, we’re always looking to innovate, and always looking for partners and platforms that allow us to do just that. We’ve been huge fans of Stadia ever since it was announced and have been amazed by both the technology of Stadia and passion for gaming that the team at Google has.”

This is one of Google’s biggest moves to date to bring an original release to Stadia. It has exclusives like indie game Gylt, and it says it plans to have at least 10 times exclusives this year. It’s also opening its own first-party studios to build original games. This should fill out Stadia’s library alongside third-party releases like Doom Eternal, which just launched on the platform last week.

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But as for Splash Damage and its game — neither company is talking details.

“We’re excited to share more with all of you about this project in the coming months,” said Jolly.

But the executive did note that Splash Damage’s “mission” is multiplayer games. And Jolly says that’s something Stadia is positioned to do well. So expect something in that wheelhouse.

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