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Best USB Microphones for Best Buy Curbside Pickup Android Central 2020

It’s hard to look on the bright side with everything that’s going on in the world right now, but during this period of self-isolation, most people have more free time than ever to finally kickstart that podcast idea or record more voiceovers. I’ve been using XLR mics for a number of years now, but USB mics are quicker and easier to set up, and work with just about any computer — some even work with phones! Best Buy’s currently offering curbside pickup to make buying new tech safer, and they’ve got plenty of great microphones to choose from.

Good audio matters

Working from home isn’t easy for everyone, especially when you’re thrown into it without warning. But whether you’re recording audio for work or as a hobbyist, a good microphone can make all the difference in the world — it can even save you time in post by minimizing how much EQing you’ll need to do.

Most people will be best-suited with the Blue Yeti X, which offers incredible versatility and easy controls. Whether you’re recording yourself or a tableside conversation, it can do it all, and the sturdy build means it’ll last you for years to come.

If you have money to spare and want the absolute best audio quality, though, the Apogee HypeMiC is the way to go. It only has one pickup pattern, but the fidelity is second to none, and you can even connect it to your phone. For online podcasts, the HyperX QuadCast is yet another worthwhile option with an excellent tap-to-mute function.

No matter which mic you buy, it’s great to get recording and take your mind off of the outside world for a bit.

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