Get ready for a new mobile Pokémon game, Pokémon Masters!

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Pokémon Masters is an new mobile Pokémon that will take players to the island of Pasio. There, a special tournament called the Pokémon Masters League is being held. In this game, aspiring Trainers will need to fight in 3v3 battles using something called the Sync system, making friends, building a team and defeating rival trainers along the way.

If that sounds exciting, then there’s great news: Pre-registration for Pokémon Masters is open right now on iOS and Android devices! There’s now an official YouTube channel for the game and they’ve released several different videos. Each new video breaks down particular aspects of the combat or the new mechanics that players will find in Pokémon Masters.

Welcome to Pasio

Pokémon Masters

The Pokémon Masters League awaits!

Pokémon Masters is a new kind of Pokémon training and battling experience. This mobile title transports you to Pasio, where you’ll need to fight other trainers and build your own crew.

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