Hardwood Base for iMac makes your office more ergonomic

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Base for iMac makes your desktop more ergonomic. Nack’s Base for iMac could save your computer from being a pain in the neck.
Photo: Nack

Nack’s just-released Base for iMac is a simple solution for the computer’s lack of height adjustability. This hardwood stand raises the Mac’s display up to where it’s more level with the user’s eyes.

The iMac can be arranged any way you want it… as long as what you want is to have the screen a few inches above your desk. Ergonomic principles indicate that one should view a computer screen without having to tilt your neck up or down very much.

Nack’s Base for iMac boosts the device by either 2 inches or four inches, aligning it more closely with the user’s eyes.

And it does so with a stand that’s made from domestic hardwood by a team in Portland, Oregon.  This accessory comes in either maple or black ash. And it’s shaped to match the base of the iMac.

Base for iMac is available today

Nack recently began taking orders for Base for iMac.

It’s holding a special launch sale, so the 2-inch version, regardless of the wood used, is $69. The regular price is $89. The 4-inch version is currently $99, down from the usual $119.

In this same vein, but with a completely different look, is the Satechi Type-C Aluminium Monitor Stand Hub. This also props up an iMac, but also serves as a 7-port USB-C hub.

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