HassKit is New Home Assistant Control App

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Home Assistant continues to gain fans around the world with its powerful ability to integrate multiple home automation systems.

While it’s still very much a geek product, a user has developed a new Android and iOS app that looks like bringing a friendlier way to operate the software smart home controller…

HassKit – Your Home Assistant In Style What is HassKit HassKit is a Touch-Friendly – Zero Config App to help users instantly start using Home Assistant (Hass).

Hass is one of the best platforms for Home Automation, with powerful features and the world’s widest range of device support. Hass only requires some simple/cheap hardware to get started.

However, Hass is not easy to set up and requires a few months to master. HassKit aims to ease the learning steps and improve the quality of life for Hass users by providing a stunning look and 10-second setup to start using this wonderful Home Automation platform.

HassKit is free, open-source and under development. We need your help to improve the app’s features for us to better serve you.

Apple App Store : Google Play Store : Github

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