Hilariously sarcastic weather app gets an iPad-focused refresh

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Everyone’s favorite sarcastic AI taskmaster weather app has received a big update.

CARROT Weather 4.12 just landed in the App Store, bringing a plethora of upgrades designed around the iPad. If you’re a tablet user with an interest in a quirky, yet surprisingly deep weather app, this may be the one for you!

An update with the iPad in mind

For those unfamiliar with it, Brian Mueller’s CARROT apps offer everything from fitness-tracking to calorie-counting tools. The one constant is a sarcastic HAL 9000-style AI character and plenty of offbeat humor. Over the years, however, the apps themselves have evolved. No longer one-note jokes, they’re now genuinely comprehensive useful apps.

CARROT Weather offers weather forecasts, courtesy of Dark Sky’s weather data. However, you can also use other providers like AccuWeather, ClimaCell, and MeteoGroup as your data source.

The new Weather 4.12 update boasts a number of iPad-oriented features. These include full multitasking support, new keyboard shortcuts, and a design refresh for the iPad’s larger screen. There’s also new iCloud support built in; allowing you to sync all the app’s settings, saved locations, weather stations, achievements, and secret locations between devices. That means that if you’re a CARROT Weather user on your iPhone, but have never tried it on iPad, this is the update for you.

There’s a whole lot more as well — including new air quality notifications, redesigned severe weather and hurricane tracker notifications, new achievements, and more. Plus, if you’re a tier 3 subscriber (the app lets you pay a subscription for additional features) there’s some good stuff for iPad in the form of automatic foreground refreshes. As Mueller says, “if [you] have an old tablet laying around, [this lets you] turn it into an always-on, wall-mounted weather display.”

Becoming a premium member

For more information, you can check out a neat infographic with the full change log here. You can download CARROT Weather here. It costs $5 for the basic app, while “tier 2”, “tier 3” and “tier 4” membership additions come with additional costs for an annual subscription of between $5 and $25 per year.

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