Honor Magicbook 14 Laptop Review: A better version of the MateBook D 14?


After the Huawei MateBook D 14 already left a good impression during our review, we are also convinced by the similarly constructed Honor MagicBook 14. The only real difference between the two test units is the storage capacity of the SSD, but in return, the less expensive even offers a brighter panel as well as a faster NVMe-SSD from Samsung. Expect for the chassis color, the two devices are otherwise identical, starting with the good metal case, the ports, the input devices, all the way to the performance.

In our opinion, the MagicBook 14 clearly surpasses the expectations you can have for a laptop in this price range. Except for some small drawbacks (like the port equipment), the Honor notebook could also keep up with much more important devices.

Except for the smaller hard drive, there are no drawbacks compared to the test unit of the similarly constructed MateBook D 14. The Honor MagicBook 14 is hard to beat for a price of just 599 Euros.

The lower price is definitely an advantage for the Honor MagicBook 14. If you don’t need a dedicated GPU and just need a good notebook for daily tasks, we can easily recommend the MagicBook 14, because there are just small compromises despite the low price.

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