Honor MagicWatch 2 Smartwatch Review: The Huawei clone convinces with graphical fitness charts

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The Honor Magic Watch 2 is a great watch whose quality is primarily due to the good display. Without the sharp OLED, not only would the enjoyment of the informative charts be diminished, but the watch faces would literally also pale. With the help of the training coach, athletes can analyze and improve their performance. However, they have to be content with an isolated system. This should particularly impact those who like to share their athletic successes on platforms such as Strava. 

In terms of its price, the MagicWatch 2 falls between the similarly equipped Huawei Watch GT 2 and the watches from Huami (that are valuated higher in the manufacturer’s own portfolio).

The Honor smartwatch is a more affordable alternative particularly to the Huawei Watch GT 2, which has a similar format. Depending on the watchband and case, its suggested retail price lies between 199 and 249 Euros (~$213-266), while Honor only asks for 179 Euros (~$191) for the version with the silicone band and 199 Euros (~$213) for the version with the leather watchband. On the other hand, the street prices have already dropped more for the Huawei than for the Honor smartwatch. For example, you can already get the Watch GT 2 starting from 179 Euros (~$191), while the price of the MagicWatch 2 has not dropped much at currently about 164 Euros (~$175). Smartwatches like the Amazfit GTS from Huami are even more affordable. The street prices for the upper price segment in the manufacturer’s own portfolio currently lie between 100 and 140 Euros (~$107-150), depending on the model.

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