HOUSTON – Electronic stores throughout the city are busier than ever, helping folks set up home offices or classrooms.

Dozens visited the Micro Center Wednesday, all while practicing social distancing.

Frank Farnell was looking to purchase a few spare parts for broken laptops.

“Just trying to collect a couple of things to get some laptops going,” he said. “I work at a hospital, so some nurses are just trying to get everybody up and running, trying to work remotely and trying to keep the exposure to a minimum.”

Micro Center General Manager Steve Miller said several items, in particular, have been flying off the shelves.

“Primarily, it’s laptops, desktops computer monitors, and streaming equipment such as webcams,” Miller said.

Miller said adults aren’t the only ones looking to get adjusted to working from home. Students of all ages are doing the same.

Mauricio Villegas visited the store in hopes of buying his daughter a new laptop so that she can keep with her school work. His daughter is 11 years old and in sixth grade.

“She’s doing really well in school and needs to keep up with her grades,” said Villegas.

Best Buy is also working to help its customers by offering free curbside service.

Anyone looking to speak to a store associate is allowed to do so as long as they practice social distancing.

Best Buy is advising folks to take advantage of their in-home advisor service.

“We would set up a video chat or over the phone conference call meeting, access all your needs, whether its appliances, your home office, your home automation system,” said in-home advisor Angelica Fonseca. “We’re able to send you a quote, go over it with you, and still manage your order afterward.”