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We live in the 21st century. It’s the era of new technologies and possibilities. There are dozens of different services, which can make your life easier. For example, Amazon’s Alexa gives you a possibility to get rid of the day-to-day routine.

We should not forget about the biggest company in this market. Yes, we are talking about Apple. Apple has already changed the market of mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. These products make your life easier and better every day. You can communicate with other people, listen to music, watch movies or take photos with the help of these products. However, what about people with learning disabilities? How can Apple technologies help these students? Let’s figure out!

Essay writing application       

AppStore is an endless source of interesting apps. There are dozens of useful applications. For example, It’s a well-known fact that students can’t stand essay writing. If you want to create a professional paper, you will be forced to spend dozens of hours. You need to choose the appropriate topic, read a lot of articles or even books and analyze this information. Only after that, you can start writing. Students usually understand that they shouldn’t spend time on essay writing. They look for custom writing assistance and visit essay writing services available 24/7 online.

If you are one of these students, you can load the CustomWritings application. It’s a special company, which gives you an opportunity to get a custom-written paper online. It’s safe, cheap and reliable. Don’t spend your free time on this useless task. Just transfer it to a real professional and get the result as soon as possible.

Stay focused and forget about distracting factors

In addition, according to the statistics, the most popular problem of students is lack of attentiveness. It’s difficult to stay focused and study if you get dozens of notifications every hour. Fortunately, you can load Freedom to forget about these distracting factors forever. This app blocks any website or software on your iPhone. It’s comfortable because you can increase your effectiveness and solve your problems faster.


How often do you lose interesting articles or notes? There are a lot of people who want to read scientific articles, files, websites or books in the future. However, they just forget about these notes. Evernote is a great app, which can help you to avoid this problem. In fact, Evernote helps you to save everything you can find on the Internet. Load this application and make your life better!

Focus at will          

Some students also admit that they cannot study because of distractive sounds. Fortunately, there is a special service, which can solve this problem. You should load Focus at will. You can listen to music, which was created to increase your effectiveness. This personalized music helps to focus on work, studying or other tasks. There are more than 2 000 000 subscribers and you can get this great opportunity as well. Just load the Focus at Will application on your iPhone and solve your problem.


YouTube is one of the most popular services nowadays. Millions of people use this website every day. However, the Podcasts app is useful as well. There are hundreds of content creators who release interesting content for studying. You can listen to these podcasts on your way to college or during breakfast.  It’s comfortable. Moreover, these podcasts are free. Find the most interesting podcast for you and become smarter.


It’s not enough to speak English to get a high-paid job. You need to improve yourself and study Spanish, German, Chinese or other languages. Fortunately, Duolingo gives you this possibility. It is a great application, which you can use to learn languages at any time. This app is free of charge as well. Just load it and get personalized tips, immediate grading and even the special system of motivation. Duolingo does everything possible to make you interested in studying other languages. You can study French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic, Italian and a lot of other languages. Don’t lose your precious chance to become a better employee in the future.


If you have math problems, the PhotoMath is probably your last chance to get high grades. It’s a photo calculator, which can help you to solve math tasks. Moreover, this app provides you a step-by-step explanation. So, you can analyze the result and realize how to solve the same tasks in the future. You don’t need a tutor if you have already downloaded PhotoMath.

Therefore, Apple managed to create a high-quality product to help people in education from all over the world. You can use your iPhone, iPad or Mac to solve math tasks, write great college essays, study new languages online and save interesting info. Stick to our pieces of advice and you will forget about study problems forever.

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