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  • Apple’s Health app is getting a big upgrade in iOS 13 that introduces new metrics like the ability to monitor hearing health and more.
  • It represents a noticeable push into health for Apple that could make it a more formidable alternative to Fitbit.
  • Overall, the update makes it easier to see more health data at a glance when using Apple’s Health app.
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Wellness has been a major focus for Apple in recent years, with CEO Tim Cook telling CNBC in January that the company’s “greatest contribution to mankind” will be about health.

Apple is taking this notion a step further in iOS 13 with an array of new features coming to the iPhone’s Health app, including a closer look at activity trends, a new metric for measuring auditory health, and other changes.

Here’s a look at what you can expect to see from the new Health app when iOS 13 launches for your iPhone this fall.

A more comprehensive home screen.

Lisa Eadicicco/Business Insider

The revamped Health app will have a much different look than the current version, with a home screen that provides a snapshot of your favorite metrics and general highlights. This is called the Summary view, and from here you’ll be able to tap into individual statistics to see more information or view all of your health data and highlights.

It’s a stark difference from the Health app in iOS 12, which displays your activity from the current day by default and has a separate tab that organizes each type of health metric by category.

The new home screen provides more information at a glance, including highlights that show how specific metrics like sleep compare to the week prior.

A better snapshot of your health data.

Lisa Eadicicco/Business Insider

Instead of having to tap each category to see information about metrics like activity and your heart, the new Health Data section serves up a wealth of data right away. When tapping the “Show All Health Data” button from the Summary, you’ll be brought to a page that lists recent readings for all of your relevant metrics for the current day.

It shows progress made toward your stand rings, your resting heart rate and general heart rate, the distance you’ve walked and ran so far, the number of steps you’ve taken, and many more statistics. You can also tap any of these statistics to get more information, such as how that metric compared to the week before.

As is the case with the Summary page, the biggest benefit of this new interface is the ability to view more data more quickly — with fewer taps. All of these statistics are just one tap away from the Health app’s home screen, for example, whereas in the current app you have to navigate to the Health Data tab and choose a data category (activity, heart, sleep) to access metrics that aren’t shown in the Today view.

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More insight about your activity.

Lisa Eadicicco/Business Insider

The new Highlights section gives Apple’s Health app a key characteristic it was missing: Instead of just providing data, the Highlights section gives you more context about those statistics and what the numbers actually mean.

Tapping the “Show All Highlights” button on the summary view brings you to a new page where you can tap specific metrics to see highlights for each category. These highlights provide more information about how a certain metric compares to the week prior and whether you’re on track to perform as usual on a given day.

For example, the highlights page for the steps metric told me that I’m walking less than usual by this point in the day, and that yesterday I walked more than the day prior by nearly 3,000 steps. It provides similar insights based on the week, month, or year too.

The current Health app also displays data based on the day, week, month, or year, but it doesn’t draw conclusions from the data the way the new version does.

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