How to apply Delhi Govt ePass and Track Status online

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Coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19) has forced the Indian government to enforce complete lockdown in the country. With the announcement of lockdown, most of the commercial and social activities have been suspended. To prevent community spread of COVID-19, the government is continuously requesting everyone to stay at home and follow social distancing if in case one is required to go out.

Currently, only essentials services like medical shops, groceries, media, telecommunication services, etc are allowed to operate. For such services, the Delhi government is providing e-pass which is valid during lockdown curfew. One can be obtained e-pass following one of these two ways:

How to apply for e-pass for Delhi via Whatsapp

One of the easiest ways to apply for an e-pass in Delhi is via WhatsApp. The Delhi government has released a district-wise Whatsapp number list for people to send their details for obtaining e-pass.

One has to share following details on their district Whatsapp e-pass helpline number:

  • Name
  • Address or Place of engagement
  • Details of essential service/purpose
  • Period Time
  • Copy of official identity card
  • Vehicle number (if required)

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Whatsapp Numbers for getting curfew e-Pass from the Delhi government

East Delhi District 8447200084; 8375878007
North East Delhi District 9540895489; 8860425666
Central Delhi District 7428336279; 7428210711
New Delhi District 9540675392; 9873743727
North Delhi District 8595298706; 8595354861
Shahdara District 8595272697; 8595274068
South East Delhi District 8595246396; 8595258871
West Delhi District 9414329964; 8595252581
South Delhi District 9599649266; 9643150027
South West Delhi District 9971518387; 9971526953
North West Delhi District 8595559117; 8595543375

How to apply curfew e-pass for Delhi online

Delhi citizens can apply for an e-pass online on the Delhi government official web portal.

  1. Open JataSamvad website

    To get an e-pass, one has to go to ‘’ and select their preferred language

  2. Select e-Pass for travel during curfew

    Now, ‘what you need help with?’ page will load with a drop-down menu to choose from. Select e-pass for travel during the curfew option.

  3. Enter your details

    Next, it will ask you to fill details like as contact information, name, address, type of service, the time period for which you need the pass, etc.

  4. Submit

    Once you filled everything, that button to submit your e-pass request. It is advisable to take note of ePass ID so that you can track the status of requests without much trouble.

Wondering if your ePass request has been approved or not? Well, you can check the status of your e-pass request following these steps:

  1. Go to ‘’ website and choose the preferred language.
  2. Now click on the option ‘e-pass for travel during curfew’ option.
  3. Hit that check status button and punch in seven-digit e-pass ID generated at the time of submission of the request.
  4. Once you are done entering those numbers click on the check status button.

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