How to watch Apple’s WWDC 2019 event today

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Today Apple will announce its news news and video subscription services. Cult of Mac will not be live blogging the action — instead you can follow along on Twitter. And as always, you can watch the show live. We’re expecting to learn all about the incredible new iOS 13, which many expect will turn the iPad into some kind of Mac Pro-beating powerhouse. Also expected is a Marzipan update, and perhaps our first peek at the real new Mac Pro.

Whether you’re watching on your Mac, your iPhone or iPad, or your Apple TV, we’ll show you how to tune in.

You can even show up at an Apple Store and watch it on the big screen!

How to tune in to Apple’s WWDC 2019 keynote live stream

The fun begins at 10:00 a.m. PST, or 1:00 p.m. Eastern, or 18:00 GMT, and you can easily set a reminder (see below) so you don’t miss a second.

Cult of Mac will be posting on the news as it happens. We’ll also be going in-depth on all the new stuff right away.

In store

If your local Apple Store has a video wall, you can head down there at “show time” and watch the action on the big screen. It’ll be like watching a sports event, only you’ll be surrounded by nerds and hipsters instead of jocks. Unfortunately, there will be no beer, unless you sneak it in yourself.

Mac, iPhone and iPad

To watch the WWDC keynote event live on your computer, just visit Apple’s Special Event page at the appointed time. You’ll be able to stream the show right there in the Safari browser. And if you visit it now, you can click the link to add a reminder to your calendar.


You should also be able to watch the same keynote stream as on the Mac, using Edge, Chrome, or Firefox.

On the Apple TV

To watch the big event on your own big screen, you’ll need to install the Apple Event app for tvOS. If you’re a regular with Apple Events, then you probably have it already. If not, install now, and leave time for essentials, like making popcorn, just before the event begins.

Get a Twitter reminder

If you like this tweet from Apple, then you will “get updates from Apple.” That means that you’ll get a Twitter reminder.

Catch up afterwards

If you miss the event and want to catch up on it later, you can head to the same Apple Special Event page, and see all the recent events, ready to be streamed. Soon after the event concludes, today’s Keynote event should be added to the list.

See you there!

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