HP 17 Laptop Review: A simple office notebook with a DVD burner


With the HP 17, Hewlett Packard delivers a simple office notebook with a Core-i3 processor that supplies sufficient computing power for office and Internet applications. It is surprising that the CPU is unable to run constantly at full Turbo speed in multi-thread operation. On the positive side: The notebook runs mostly quietly and heats up moderately at most.

The HP 17-by2437ng represents a solid office notebook that is not up to date in all aspects.

A Solid State Disk ensures a smoothly running system. To replace it with a higher-capacity model would require opening the case. Users who want an optical drive should be pleased with a DVD burner. The built-in keyboard turned out to be suitable for everyday tasks, and the battery life is also decent.

The display won’t win a prize. HP has equipped the laptop with a dark HD+ display with low contrast and unstable viewing angles. The notebook also delivers bad WLAN data rates, since the WLAN chip only supports the 802.11n standard. While it does not absolutely have to be a WiFi-6 chip (802.11ax) in a notebook of this price range, we would expect a WiFi-5 model (802.11ac) in the year 2020. In addition, HP only offers a 1-year warranty for the laptop.

While a Windows operating system is not included, Windows 10 could be installed without any problems. Alternatively, you could also use Linux. A brief test with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS did not reveal any problems. The whole hardware works – including the Function keys.

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