HP 470 G7 in Review: Lackluster 17.3-inch Desktop Replacement

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The 470 G7’s case is made entirely out of plastic, which is the first major difference to previous ProBook 470 devices. The latter feature a metal top case, at least some of them, and together with the ProBook moniker that, too, had to go and was replaced with a printed brushed metal texture to imitate the design. The overall color is silver-gray with a touch of black in the display bezels. The device lacks a maintenance opening. It has to be taken apart in order to access the internal hardware. Yet another cut corner compared to ProBook 470 models that to this day feature dedicated maintenance openings.

Overall build quality was okay, except for the poor fitting of the base’s top case. Stability is in need of improvement. We were easily able to depress the base underneath the touchpad, and warping it was a breeze. The latter is also true for the display lid. Applying pressure to the back of the display results in minor image distortions. The hinges managed to hold the display firmly in place with only some teetering. Opening the lid one-handed is possible although it requires some finger-arm-gymnastics.

The 470 G7 is available with and without optical drive. Our review unit lacked the optical drive, and there is no way to fit one retroactively as the case itself lacks the required drive bay.

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