HP Envy 17t (Core i7-1065G7, Nvidia MX330, 4K) Laptop Review


HP hit several high notes with the Envy 17t. Its aluminum chassis is well-constructed and looks great. The anodized finish should keep it look sharp for a while. The bright 4K display is gorgeous and color accurate. The Ice Lake Core i7 CPU and Nvidia Geforce MX330 GPU make for a smooth media streaming and can handle some gaming. The keyboard and touchpad are good, the speakers are punchy, and the overall experience is enjoyable… for the most part.

Several small annoyances that distract from the high points. For one, the replacement of the right Ctrl button with a fingerprint reader is baffling. Considering how reliant many hotkey combinations are one that key, it’s bemusing how HP thought this configuration was a good idea. The fan, while silent under light load, gets grating when it runs. Finally, the machine’s battery life is disappointing.

The Envy 17t is rather good for what it is, but at US$1600 MSRP, the annoyances we noted are more than just small quibbles. Despite these flaws, the Envy 17t is one of the better all around 17.3-inch multimedia laptops available today. Still, at this price point, there are some better options. Dell’s Inspiron 17-7786 convertible offers similar hardware at a slightly lower price. The HP Pavilion Gaming 17 lacks the build quality of the Envy 17t but offers a much more powerful GPU and a faster processor for about $300 less.

The HP Envy 17t is a solid multimedia laptop marred by a few flaws that ultimately detract from the overall experience.

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