Huawei Mate 30 Pro gets torn down on video

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While the Mate 30 Pro is severely crippled in most markets outside of China because of its lack of Google services, the phone is an amazing feat of engineering, and one of the high-end beasts of nowadays. Plus, it sports a crazily curved ‘waterfall’ screen.

Intriguing, right? Indeed, but what would be more interesting is seeing how everything fits – inside. And that’s just what Zack from JerryRigEverything has set out to do, by tearing down the Mate 30 Pro on video. Here’s the result.

Fun fact: there are 22 screws to go through, of 3 different sizes. On the other hand, everything inside is super modular, which means if one component breaks you won’t have to replace anything else too – just that one component, whatever it may be. Oh, and the battery isn’t glued in, which makes for reasonably easy replacement – albeit not something most people should try at home, given how finicky the removal of the back glass can be.

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