Huawei MateBook 13 2020 Subnotebook Review – Comet Lake update without performance benefits


The 2020 MateBook 13 is just a very small update. You get a new processor, but the performance is basically identical to the predecessor. Huawei does not offer all configurations in every region: German customers, for example, do not get the MateBook 13 with the dedicated GeForce GPU.

Still, the MateBook 13 is not a bad subnotebook. We particularly like the metal case and the good screen, even though it is not a touchscreen and you should calibrate the panel for the best results. The SKU with the iGPU is also very quiet under load.

The MateBook 13 does not show any advancements, but it is still a good subnotebook for an appealing price.

The performance is still more than sufficient for everyday tasks, even though rivals mit newer Ice lake processors have an advantage in terms of GPU performance. The port situation is no perfect, either, since you can only charge the laptop at the left side and attach an external monitor at the right side. There is no USB Type-A port, so you will probably have to use adapters in practice.

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