iPadOS and iOS 13.4 finally arrive, bringing tons of big changes

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iPad and iPhone both just received important software updates, with iPadOS 13.4 and iOS 13.4 bringing a range of new features. Apple’s tablets now enjoy robust mouse/trackpad support. iPhones and iPads both gain iCloud Drive folder sharing.

iPadOS 13.4 is all about that mouse

The version of iPadOS 13 released in autumn brought the first mouse support to Apple tablets, but only as an accessibility feature. iPadOS 13.4 takes it mainstream. Simply connect a mouse to an Apple tablet and an on-screen pointer will show up. This welcome iPad feature now works more like a Mac mouse.

It’s now possible to drop a cursor in the middle of a word, and mousing over user interface elements and text fields highlights them for easier selection. You can get all the details in Cult of Mac’s guide to everything you want to know about iPad’s new trackpad features.

But iPadOS 13.4 isn’t just about the mouse. The update also makes it easier to use hardware keyboards designed for Windows computers with your tablet because it’s now possible to remap modifier keys. This allows you to change the location of the ⌘ and ⌥ keys, which are flipped on a PC keyboard.

iOS 13.4 brings iPhone improvements, too

Apple didn’t ignore iPhone users with today’s upgrades. The major new feature in iOS 13.4 is iCloud Drive folder sharing, which makes collaborating with a friend or co-worker much easier. Folder sharing doesn’t mean just emailing the contents of a folder. You and anyone you choose can access the files directly in each other’s iCloud Drive folders, not just copies.

This feature was already available for individual files, but sharing the contents of entire folders just debuted.

Apple also rearranged the Mail app’s toolbar in iOS 13.4, making the delete icon a bit harder to get to so people might be less likely to hit it accidentally.

Plus there are new Memoji stickers, including Party Horn, Rolling Eyes and Person Behind a Computer.

Additional iOS 13.4 Memoji stickersApple adds some new Memoji stickers in iOS 13.4.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

iCloud Drive folder sharing and the new Memoji sticks are also part of iPadOS 13.4.

Upgrade your iPhone or iPad now

Apple made iOS 13.4 and the iPadOS equivalent available for all to download. To install the new software on an iPhone or iPad, open the Settings application, then go to General > Software Updates. Or connect the computer to a Mac running iTunes.

Alternatively, those who aren’t super-eager to get the newest features can wait until Apple begins urging handset and tablet users to install these new versions. That should start in a few days.

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